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LIANG QIANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD ( LIANG QIANG INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD(TAI WAN) ) was established in 1986, is specialized in the production of shoe-making machinery and equipment of the enterprises,located in the "world factory" in Guangdang Province, Dongguan City. hand Pearl River. adjacent to the deep. Hong Kong. Australia. address location, convenient traffic. Own plant area of 25426 square meters,construction of R & D and international synchronized production equipment. The company currently employs about 150 people,including high and mid-level technical personnel 25 people. Good strong company won the shoe-making equipment related patents for more than 40 items. have experienced R & D team in the field of machinery. technology industry has always maintained leading position, constantly to inject new elements. Dedicated production team, pay for ingenuily and like lechnology, ensure good company to produce machinery such as works of art like the uncompromising attention to detail.

Main. products: molding production line, group at the end of the production line, automated production line group, chiller,sulfur and  spraying machine type machine. With more than 30 years manufacturing experience make good company as a well-known shoe machine manufacturing enterprises, has been recognized and favored by many customers,a large number of products sold to all over the world,such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan, Mexico, India, Latin America and other important market. The company specializes in producing good strong shoes leather shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes covers more than 50 well-known brands.

In recent years, good strong company first passed ISO9001: 2008 certification. EU CE certification .Set up service stations in fujian,Indonesia, Cambodia and myanmar,Established branches in Vietnam ,for our customers to provide technical guidance and perfect after-sales service.

In order to repay our customers love and look forward to today with the improvement of environmental awareness around the world each,on energy saving and reducing ash, efficient machines Yanyinqipan, good strong company is more devoted to the to the direction of energy-saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and safety stride. research and development to meet the needs of our customers in the new models.


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