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Technical support

Adhering to the service tenet of "pursuing 100% customer satisfaction", our company has been continuously improving the service system and improving the service quality for many years. For this reason, our company has established a service system in line with ISO9001 service quality standards and improved all-round service for users.

The service system of our company mainly consists of customer service call center, project management department, engineering department and other departments. In this project, our company will set up a special project team based on the actual situation of users to give maximum support and guarantee to this project in terms of personnel and technology.


1. Equipment failure maintenance

When there is a problem with the equipment, diagnose, analyze and solve the problem.

2. Consulting services

Provide technical support services such as technical consultation to users. It includes the technical guidance of equipment management, assisting customers to make backup plans, improving work logs, computer room system, and establishing operation rules.

3. High speed and high quality service

Our company provides the highest speed, high quality service to the equipment.

4. Tracking service

Our company has set up an active tracking service system. Even if the user does not call for maintenance, we will send special personnel to tour and inspect the service regularly, so as to prevent problems in the future and ensure the normal operation of the equipment.


1. Technical training services before equipment development

In order to make party a's technicians and managers have a macro concept of the equipment, our company has set up the early technical training service to introduce and train users on the principle of the equipment and the technical characteristics of the product.

2. On-site technical training services

In order to enable party a's technicians to get familiar with the installation and debugging techniques as soon as possible, our company began to train 3-4 operators and managers of party a's equipment in the process of installation and debugging, so that once the equipment is completed, the operators and managers of party a can operate independently.

3. Detailed technical training after equipment completion

After the completion of the equipment, train 2~3 technicians and managers to further familiarize them not only with the equipment operation, but also with the equipment maintenance and related technologies. The main purpose of service and technology is to make the equipment run more stably for the long-term benefit of customers, so as to reduce the management and maintenance costs of customers.

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