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LJ-933 Single Modular Cement Dryer

LJ-933 Single Modular Cement Dryer

Stand-alone-units setup
Serial modular setup
Single-side access
U-shaped design
Air purification system
Ultimate energy saving


●Stand-alone-units setup: The pipeline is broken down into stand-alone machines, each of small size; such setup can be easily re-arranged for different production processes, and thus it is good for a variety of small-quantity customized productions.

●Serial modular setup: An in-machine rotary moving frame with a level access platform is adopted for each machine. Such machines can be serially connected to each other; chain stitching can be accomplished with minimalistic operations.

●Single-side access: entry and exit are set on the same side; as a result, transfer and access are done easily, labor intensity is effectively reduced, and visual monitoring strengthened.

●U-shaped design: The size of the machine is reduced, the shape is streamlined, and a rail twice the length of the machine is provided. Heating/cooling capacities are doubled to ensure good setting effect and tension.

●Air purification system: this machine follows a centralized design; the exhaust gas first goes through an activated-carbon air purification system and gets filtered before being discharged; a high degree of air purification is achieved to protect the respiratory health of the production personnel.

●Ultimate energy saving: Because the internal volume is greatly reduced, excellent insulation is achieved for the internal space of the machine and the temperature setting can be reached fast. There are independent temperature controls for both upper and lower sections, and thus the system is very energy- efficient.


LJ-933 Double LayerL2200*W1470*H160028.2kwProvide before shipmentProvide before shipment
LJ-933 Triple LayerL2150*W1470*H169037.35kwProvide before shipmentProvide before shipment

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