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LJ-110NMildew-proof Sprayer Machine

LJ-110NMildew-proof Sprayer Machine

Easvto Setup
Photoelectric System
Independent 8-sprayer
Automatic loading system


●Easvto Setup: The machine is easily to install and use,  whichiconlv needed to place it on the assembly line conveyor beilt, islocation can be placed according to the demand. Press the upardown button of the motor to adjust the machine, so that can meelthe needs of different shoes, riding boots.

●Photoelectric System: This machine adopts photoelectricautomatic induction type spray, spray polymer fog liquid, Thespray is efficient, uniform and quickly, which can save cost andlabor.

●Independent 8-sprayer: With eight nozzles and three-cimensional spraying, the user can use A-B sprayer firsty according to the requirements on site, in order to save costelCentyn Control each quaternion of the eight sprarDOZls which can adust is ocation to get ideal effect.

●Automatic loading system:By using the liquid automatic loading system,the the user can reduce labor intensity,and can avoid wasting.

●Direct  Injection System: There is direct injection system,which can be used when increasing production.





Power Supply:220V


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