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LJ-909C/909CB   Efficient NIR Infrared ray forming machine

LJ-909C/909CB Efficient NIR Infrared ray forming machine

NIR Infrared ray lamp tube
Accurate constant temperature control system
Double-layer system conveyor system
Saving Space
Fast disassembly type design
(Option) Break line detection system

(Option) The temperature control alarm system


NIR Infrared ray lamp tube: Adopt low glare Infrared ray lame tube, which is not dazzling and does not hurt the eyes, moreover,it can balance the heating of the internal and external glue layer.and can dry off glue rapidly and stably with coordination of hot-air circulating system.

Accurate constant temperature control system: Adopt SCR temperature control system, the temperature is constant and accurate.

Double-layer system conveyor system: According to Ergonomic Design, the upper layer and the lower layer are adopted to convey synchronously.

Saving Space: With the design of rapid heating. NIR oven can shorten the drying time of glue. and shorten the length of oven.

Fast disassembly type design: the oven adopts mobile type design, which can be adjusted freely according to the requirement of capacity.

(Option) Break line detection system: It can detect the heating status of the lamp tube at any time, and can detect the break line at any moment, ensure the production quality.

(Option) The temperature control alarm system:Temperature alarm can be set Upper and Lower Limit in accordance with the production quality demand, it will alarm when the temperature does not reach standard value, thus ensure the production quality.

Length of Conveyor16.5M18M19.5M21.5M


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