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LJ-899IR Single Layer NIR Forming Machine

LJ-899IR Single Layer NIR Forming Machine

NIR Infrared rav Iamp tube
Accurate constant temperature control system
Saving Space
Fast disassembly type design
Three color warning light


NIR Infrared rav Iamp tube: Adopt low glare Infrared ray lamp tube, which is not dazzling and does not hurt the eyes,moreover, it can balance the heating of the internal and external glue layer, and can dry off glue rapidly and stably with coordination of hot-air circulating system.

Accurate constant temperature control system: Adopt SCR temperature controlsystem, the temperature is constant andaccurate.

Saving Space: With the design of rapid heating, NIR oven can shorten the drying timeof glue, and shorten the length of oven.

Fast disassembly type design: the ovenadopts mobile type design, which can be adjusted freely according to the requirementof capacity.

Three color warning light: The current working condition of this forming machinecould be displayed clearly according to the light color, and it will warn timely.


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